TRUMPF TC2010R (used)


Updated: 10.06.2016 06:36:32

Location: Tampa, FloridaUnited States

Machine state: used

Product Description

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Model: TC2010R

Type: Turret Punches

Control: CNC (Trumpf/Bosch )

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Location: Tampa, Florida United States

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Tonnage: 20 T

# Turret Stations: 12

Dimensions: 22’ x 24’ X 8’

Weight: 25,000lbs.

Control: CNC (Trumpf/Bosch )

Working Range: Without Repositioning 50” X 50”
Max. Sheet Thickness: 0.250”
Max. Punching Tonnage: 20 Ton
Max. Workpiece Weight: 175LBS
Speeds X Axis 3600 IPM/Y Axis 2400 Ipm
Simultaneous (x And Y): 4300 Ipm
Stroke Rate, Punching .040” Pitch: 900 1/min
Stroke Rate, Punching 1.00” Pitch: 420 1/min
C-Axis: 3 Rotations/sec
Controller: Bosch Type 3
OS PC For Windows (Network Ready)
Program Memory 1 MB
Hard Disk 64 MB
Color Monitor 10.4
Floppy Disk Drive
Tool Changer
Type: Linear Tool Magazine
Tool Positions: 12 Tool Stations
Max. Number Of Tools: 10 To 100 tools
Rotation Of All Tools: 360° Bi-directional
Tool Change Time: single Tool Approx. 3.5 Sec.
multitool Approx. 0.9 Sec.
Max. Punch Diameter: single Stroke 3 “ (all Tool Stations)
Max. Forming Height: 0.500”

Programmable Parts Chute
Max. Part Size: 8.00” X 8.00”

Facility Requirements
Voltage: 460V
Electrical Load Approx.: 28kva
Average Power Consumption Approx. 16kva
Pneumatic Connection: 95 - 115 PSI.(maximum)
Air Consumption: 5 CFM

Space Requirements: 22’ x 24’ X 8’

MINT CONDITION - 50” X 50” 20 Ton CNC Turret Punching System with Trumpf/Bosch Windows Controller, Full 360° Rotation of ALL Tools, Maintenance-Free Digital AC Motors, Hydraulic Punching Head with Closed Loop Control, Ball Transfers in Table, Scrap/Small Parts Conveyor, Programmable Parts Chute and UNDER 3K Hours Operation Time with Tooling Included.