TRUMPF TC 5000 R - 1600 FMC (used)


Updated: 24.06.2016 06:40:32

Year: 2001

Location: Germany

Machine state: used

Product Description



Located inGermany

Ref #:97273

Product Deion technical details: sheet width 1680 mm plate length 3050 mm plate thickness 8 mm max. cutting pressure 220 kN active retaining force 4,5-20 kN max. workpiece weight 200 kg max. speed: x-axis 100 m/min y-axis 60 m/min c-axis 330 U/min Simultaneous (x and y) 116 m/min hub punching 1200 1/min hub autograph ca. 2800 1/min acceleration: X 20 m/s2 Y 10 m/s2 C 350 1/s2 control Siemens 840D The perfect solution for the structural-facings sector. Plates with 4000 x 1500 mm can be loaded and unloaded automatically! Sheetmaster TRUMAGRIP FMC-automatisation for 400 mm plates, loading and unloading! Machine: Stable C-frame for easy access Linear magazine incl. 4 clamps Repositioning device with programmable presser foot Ball-fitted tables Parts chute 500 x 500 mm 1 good parts container Punching station: Electro-hydraulic punching head Rotatable single tool adapter 360° rotation for all tools Programmable presser foot Control: Open controller based on Siemens Sinumerik 840D additional equipment: Multitool Function deburring and roller technology Repositioning cylinders Sensor for part chute