TRUMPF TC 2000 R (used)


Updated: 15.04.2017 06:33:29

Year: 2002

Location: Lithuania

Machine state: used

Product Description

Working area:
(X and Y axes) without interception: 1270х1270 mm
Max. sheet thickness: 6.4 mm
Max. force: 180 kN
Max. work-piece weight: 75 kg
-X-axis: 90 m/min
-Y-axis: 60 m/min
-Simultaneously (Х and Y): 108 m/min
Number of strokes at punching with a step of 1 mm: 900 1/min
Number of strokes at punching with a step of 25 mm: 420 1/min
Number of strokes at engraving/processing of embossing: 2200 1/min
Rotation speed of the C-axis: 1080 deg/sec
Number of tool magazine positions: 9
Max. number of tools: up to 90 (when using the Multitool tools)
Turn of all tools: 360 degrees
Tool change time:
Of the single tool: 3.5 sec
Of the tool in MULTITOOL: 0.9 sec
Max. tool diameter:
At single stroke: 76.2 mm for all magazine positions
Max. shaping height: 12 mm
Programmable flow for details:
Max. size of details: 200х200 mm with sorting in 2 containers
Deviation from position: ±0.1 mm
Average range of dispersion: ±0.03 mm
Х/Y/С axes: Digital CNC operated electro-hydraulic motors
Punching head: Hydraulic with closed loop control
CNC system: on the basis of BOSCH Тype 3
Platform: PC Pentium for Windows NT
Software: ToPs 2000
Electrical connection:
Total rated power: 17 kW/50 Hz
Average power consumption: 8 kW/hour
Pneumatic connection:
Pneumatic connection: 7±1 bar
Max. consumption: about 3 m³/hour
Dimensions and weight:
Occupied area: 4100х5700 mm
Height: 2070 mm
Weight: 8000 kg