TRUMPF 260 (used)


Updated: 18.08.2016 06:36:47

Year: 1989

Location: Poland

Machine state: used

Product Description

Manufacturer: Trumpf
  Model: Trumatic 260 Rotation
  Year built: 1989

  CNC punching machine Trumpf Trumatic 260R
  Thrust: 250 kN
  The thickness of the sheet steel: max. 6.4 mm
  Workpiece weight max. 150 kg
Cutting diameter: max. 76 mm

  SPECIAL difficult to achieve OPTIONS
  The greatest advantage of the machine is kept lugs 7 by which it is possible processed sheet over the entire width without repositioning

  control System
  Trumagraph CC 300

  Positioning with AC motor
  X-axis: max. 90 m / min
  Y-axis: max. 60 m / min
  Axes at the same time X + Y max. 108 m / min
  Rotary axis: 360 ° / sec
  XY positioning accuracy: ± 0.01 mm
  Accuracy of rotation: 0.01 °

  Operating range
  X-axis: 2500 mm
  Y-axis: 1300 mm
  X-axis: the repositioning 9000 mm

  Automatic tool change
  Number of tool stations: 10
  Time change: 6.5s

  required place
  Model 1300: 6700x7800 mm
  Height: 2470 mm
  Weight 16000 kg