TRUMPF 20 Ton Copy Punch Press (used)


Updated: 29.12.2016 07:37:25

Location: Malaysia

Machine state: used

Product Description

Throat Depth 6’
Punching Single Stroke: 20mm dia x 7.6mm thickness (at 40 kg/mm^2)
Punching Single Stroke: 100mm dia x 3.2mm thickness (at 40 kg/mm^2)
Punching Stroke Length 16 mm
Punching Speed 200 strokes per minute
Nibbling Capacity: 12mm dia x 6mm thickness (at 40 kg/mm^2)
Nibbling Speed: 200 to 600 strokes per minute
Shearing (from the Edge): 12mm thickness (at 40 kg/mm^2)
Other Processes: Slotting, Louvre Cutting, Folding, Beading, Peening, Flanging
C/w Plate Holding Attachment, Ball Bearing Duplicating Tables, Air Clutch
Overall Dimensions: 4,419 mm (L) x 4,419 mm (W) x 2,438 mm (H)
Weight approximately 6.0 ton