Updated: 25.10.2019 06:48:52

Year: 2001

Location: GERMANY

Machine state: used

Product Description

LASER CUTTING MACHINE for cutting and welding flat sheet metal and three-dimensional workpieces made of metallic materials with PALETTE CHANGER - 3-D CO ² Laser from Trumpf, TLF series - Machining stations: 2 x left/right Workroom: - x-axis: 4000mm - y-axis: 3000mm - z-axis: 1000mm - c-axis: n x 360° - b-axis: + 120° / - 120° Working speeds: - x-axis: 50m/min - y-axis: 50m/min - z-axis: 30m/min - c-axis: 360°/s - b-axis: 360°/s - Operating hours resonator: 68291 (switch-on hours idling) - Blasting hours: 17502 (operating hours!) Equipment: - TLF 4000 turbo laser unit - 2 pieces tables size: 2700x2150mm - Cooling manufacturer Riedel, type L 16/29 TR3/19.00, high pressure 20,2 bar - Filter system manufacturer Herding, type Delta 1200-20/9 SC Accessories: - 6 x drums Ø=380x660mm, waste bin manufacturer Herding - Flat mirror Cu compl., cutting head 5", adjusting device, various spare parts / devices (Picture no. 1 is taken at the place of purchase!) Dimensions of the control cabinet L x W x H: 1.85x1.00x2.10 m Laser deposition dimension LxWxH: 1,35x1,12x1,80 m Dimensions of the filter system LxWxH: 1.6x1.25x2.80 m Dimension HF generator LxWxH: 1.50x0.96x2.05 m Dimensions of the reference device: 1.75x0.80x2.55 m